Safety — understood as freedom from harm — is not our goal. We accept a degree of uncertainty and risk when we travel abroad in order to improve our understanding of the world or to make the world a better place. Our goal is to make programming as safe as it should be.

As safe as it should be means reducing the hazard landscape to its inherent risk and identifying opportunities to reduce the likelihood of incidents and enhancing the capacity to mitigate harm to stakeholders. Our clients develop the practical, hands-on skills necessary for navigating health, safety and security abroad.


Founded in 2010, Lodestone Safety International specializes in providing customized health, safety, security and risk management services for educational and service programs operating internationally. Our clients have included higher education institutions, secondary schools, educational consortia, independent program providers and NGOs among others. Lodestone has worked with over 100 clients, personalizing our services to best meet each of their needs according to program composition.

Whether conducting safety reviews, teaching workshops, or assisting in strategy development necessary to deliver programs overseas, we bring individualized attentiveness to all our clients. Our strengths lie in the experience of our team, our deep network of contacts and our effectiveness across multiple sectors.


Lodestone Safety International helps individuals and groups navigate health, safety and security challenges faster, smarter and more efficiently.