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International Program Leadership and Group Management

Presented by The Pennsylvania Council on International Education (PA CIE) and Hosted by the University of Pittsburgh

Leading international programs calls for additional roles and skill sets beyond those typically exercised faculty and staff.  Additionally, program leaders and their students will be in circumstances qualitatively different from the typical day on campus. This training will look at the process aspects of international programming. Specifically, we’ll look at setting tone, goals and expectations. We’ll discuss how to structure orientations and how to talk about the rules. We’ll work scenarios regarding “misbehavior” and mental health issues.


  • To provide an overview of the group dynamics characteristic of international programming (differentiating between higher education groups and secondary schools)
  • To identify common group management pitfalls for program leaders
  • To provide tools to assist faculty with establishing their roles, tone setting, expectation setting and creating successful orientation processes
  • To identify strategies for working through individual and group challenges
  • To explore common issues for working with co-leaders, partners and providers

Location: University of Pittsburgh (details TBA)

Cost: $245 PA CIE members and $270 non-members

Information and Registration: Contact PA CIE