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GEBG Global Educators Conference Pre-Conference Workshop

Navigating Health, Safety and Security Abroad for Secondary Schools

The training will provide an overview of the international hazard landscape and the risk management strategies available for international programs. We’ll begin from the perspective of what international trip leaders need to be able to do and what skills, understanding and information access do they need. Includes most recent data, standards and best practices.

The curriculum will include information acquisition and vetting strategies, cross cultural implications for safety, and emergency response. We’ll look at program structure, policy making and training for staff and program participants.

Participants will come away with a more informed perspective as well as actionable tools for reducing risk. Format consists of small group work on scenarios interspersed with content lectures. Participants will receive a readings packet prior to the training.


·       To present a comprehensive overview of international risk management for secondary school education abroad

·       To provide practical, actionable tools to assist faculty and administrators

·       To enhance practitioners’ ability to reduce the likelihood of health, safety and security events and to more effectively mitigate the harm from such events

Location: Crowne Plaza, Redondo Beach, CA

Dates: Wednesday, April 5th - Thursday, April 6th, 2016

Cost: $600

Registration: Please visit the GEBG Global Educators Conference site